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Amin lived on the streets of Bombay since the age of five, begging, eating food from the garbage and sleeping under park benches. But Amin was lucky, they took him to an orphanage three years later and learned what it means to have a place to call "home" and people to call "family."


Although his life was not easy at all, Amin never forgot  the goodness of people and believing in the idea that it only takes one person to change the world. And he began to dream: to write a book and with his earnings to open a cafe that supports street children.


Support your project  buying his book: an autobiographical story that reaches the heart, full of joy, pain and courage to face life and the invincible power of love that shines even in the darkest hours.

"La vida es la vida, soy gracias a ti" by Amin Sheikh

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