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About Us

"Most of the youngsters who have survived on the streets are alone and do not trust anybody. They need to cover their basic needs through a job but also require an environment which gives them security and trust to explore their interests and skills to also develop their own future.”


Amin Sheikh


Bombay to Barcelona Library Cafe

Let's forge the path ahead towards a better future

In August 2016 Amin Sheikh’s dream finally came true with the inauguration of Bombay to Barcelona Library Café. It has a team of employees and many volunteers who actively collaborate in cultural activities and attend to the street children who come by the café, offering them hot chocolate, some biscuits and playing with them as well. The purpose of the project is to help youngsters who are at a risk of social exclusion, helping them to learn a profession, supporting their studies and to find a home.


At present, the café has helped till date more than 40 youngsters at a risk of social exclusion to change their lives and prevent them from falling under marginalisation, at the same time breaking the caste system inculcated in the mentality of the Indian society. 


The income of the café is used to pay their salaries, their accommodation, and medical expenses as well as to guarantee funds in order to make their dreams and aspirations come true. The café serves traditional Indian meals as well as some specialities from European cuisine, with the focus on serving food of the best quality that is healthy as well as organic. It is rated as the best café in Mumbai by TripAdvisor.


Bombay to Barcelona LC is more than just a café, it is a warm, welcoming and creative space that is open to everybody. It is also the first café in Mumbai that does not prohibit entry to anybody based on their social background or condition. 


The café also organises events such as concerts, chats, activities and exhibitions to promote the culture and social relations. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the love and support of our customers whom we call our large family.

Entrepreneurial initiatives by our boys and girls


Khushboo designs casual and formal wear, combining elements of her culture with western cuts. She also undertakes personal orders by designing unique pieces that add to the beauty and style of the client.

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Sabiya makes colourful imitation jewellery and in very unique designs. You can purchase her designs in the store located within the café.

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Chosen One

Sairaj pursues his artistic career as a rapper and breakdance dancer. He worked at the café during its first few years and made the most of each concert as an opportunity to perform.

He has launched many different topics and currently he is also earning his living as a yoga instructor.

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