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Start by doing the necessary, then the possible;

and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Amin Sheikh

Cita de Mark

Amin's dream to help the
street children of Mumbai

Hi, my name is Amin Sheikh and I was born in Bombay in 1980. I was only five years old when I ran away from home. I just could not take the beating of my stepfather and the eight to ten hours work shifts in a streetside tea shop. Hence, I ran away.


 I learnt to survive on the streets of Bombay by begging, polishing shoes, singing and eating out of the garbage. I survived many threats, abuses and bad treatments. I lived this way for three years.


My desperate situation changed thanks to three wonderful people who removed me from those circumstances through genuine acts of unconditional love. That love I received is the base on which this dream of mine has been born. That unconditional love continues to grow and has the power to change lives one by one, even to change the world.


As of today I can safely say that I have managed to make for myself a Little space in society, move forward in life and earn a living, but I will never forget my difficult years living on the streets nor those children who have not had the same luck as I did.

I want to help the Street children and youngsters from the Streets of Mumbai to avoid social exclusión and to help them achieve a worthy and happy life.


I want to get them jobs but at the same time an overall good adolescence with family so that they feel secure and decide their own future.


I decided to open a library- café in Mumbai where all the boys and girls employed are youngsters at the risk of social exclusion, coming from slums or orphanages. A place to provide them with a secure environment where they can find financial, emotional and educational support. A place to feel confidence to explore your dreams, interests and aspirations. 


The café is now a dream come true. We were able to open it in August 2016. It is called "Bombay to Barcelona Library Café". Currently, the Project has already helped more than 40 youngsters to change their lives and prevent them from falling into poverty, and at the same time the café is a special place in India since nobody is discriminated against by their social background. Everybody is welcome! One step further is to contribute to breaking the chains of a caste system inculcated in the mentality of the Indian society.

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