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Updated: Feb 4, 2023

Bombay to Barcelona Library Cafe by Wazwaan

And one dream brings another dream. Bombay to Barcelona Library Café got a new branch in Military Road street, Marol, Bombay. Having a current team of 26 hardworking and amazing boys and girls, we felt confident enough to start in a new venue, and run two cafés simultaneously. Feeling threatened by the possible loss of our current café due to the end of the 3 years locking period of our rental agreement (any of the parties can terminate with the agreement giving a notice period of a 2 months), and noticing our landlord showing the premises to people almost every day, we did not want to find ourselves again without a physical place to run the project, and having all of our members on the street.

On the 26th of January of 2023, Republic Day of India, we opened to the public our new venue, having as our honorary guests all the Wazwaan family, a very warm hearted family of angels which understood our aim and vision immediately, and facilitated their own premises with a reduced price to have our second café.

Little Guru’s Nest - An Educational Project which welcomes underprivileged children

We are so proud of our girl Alumelu Bahadur! She became a member of our project a few years ago, starting by being a volunteer and giving free classes for the underprivileged at our café. We realized she also had a difficult background, and it was then when she decided to join us. At that moment she was working as a tuition teacher, however, she was aiming to become an early years educator. We supported her with her further studies, getting a diploma programme in Early Childhood Education and a certification in Waldorf Education. Some months later, she started working in an International School of Bombay.

Few months ago, she surprised us with her dream of starting a Play School for underprivileged children, and we decided to support and help her turn it into a reality. On the same day of the opening of the second venue of Bombay To Barcelona Library cafe, 26th of January of 2023, she opened her educational center which operates as a an activity and tuition center during the evenings, and has plans to open a Play School group of underprivileged children from July 2023.

Following the school’s motto “Your child is the best teacher” she designed the place with a lot of love and care, with child oriented furniture which allows freedom of movement, student learning voice, sensory and hands-on activities, collaborative and play-based learning. It has three main spaces, a big outdoor area with sensory-based centres, and two indoor classes, one for the Play School and another one for tuition and grown ups classes.

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04 feb 2023

Pl correct the date of India’s Republic Day immediately. Can’t go wrong on this important date.

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