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Fundraising campaigns led by our angels around the world for the Dream House project

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

We cannot express by words how grateful we are to receive so much love and care from our angels (friends, family and volunteers who care about the B2BLC project). They always find creative ways to support our cause, always driven by their warm feelings and love. If we are alive and running is because of them, as they are giving all of their support to stand by us.

Carols concert, by "Da Capo" choir - Sunday 12th of December

It was a beautiful and wonderful Sunday, having our angels around singing Christmas carol at the cafe, as this filled our hearts with lot of emotions and tears of joy within us. After singing, they took one of the Christmas hats and ask the audience to donate for the Dream House project. The entire team came up with beautiful surprise and we would like to thank each one of them for bringing glory to our cafe and our life, and by lightning up the cafe and making it more alive with their beautiful performance.

All you need is passion and vision to change the world around you, nothing is impossible in life. Even a small drop of help can fill the ocean of our dream project.

Christmas Decoration Making workshop - Sunday 12th of December

"Where there is a will there is a way" - Our angel Montse, a floral designer, prepared a workshop about how to make Christmas decorations for children. She belongs to a small village of Spain, el Morell (Tarragona), and she invited all the children of the village to participate in the workshop. All the proceeds collected were donated to the Dream House project. This is an example of how we can use our passions to help and support people in need. Thank you Montse, we admire and appreciate all what you do! She always find creative ways to stand by us, as this is not the first time she comes with innovative initiatives. Last year, she designed and sold very beautiful Tote Bags, with the same goal.


Tote bags

Watercolour exhibition - Saturday 12th of December to Sunday 23rd of January

Inés, our angel from Madrid, organised a watercolour painting exhibition in Setem Madrid, in order to get funds for the Dream House project and to Setem Organisation, which supports Fair Trade social projects. We are very proud of Inés and the team of Setem Madrid, as they have been supporting us for the last 8 years without stopping, and they are key elements of our NGO in Spain "Soy Gracias A Ti".

"Contigo" Association donated 2000 euros to 'Soy Gracias a Ti" NGO, our NGO in Spain.

We would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude to the association "Contigo" and to Luisa and Gloria Coque, two teachers from Asturias, who have been always trying to find ways to help our project. Luisa and Gloria invited Amin to give conferences about his life and the project in schools and different organisations of Asturias, and thanks to them, Amin was introduced to the Spanish Association "Contigo" from Noreña. They came up with the idea of organising a dinner to support our project, however, they had to cancel their plans due to Covid-19. Even though the circumstances were such, they were able to collect 2000 euros and donated the funds to our NGO in Madrid.

Time goes by but the LOVE for helping doesn't.

Handmade Jewel Art donation

One of our customers, Gauri Ma'am, came up with the generous thought of supporting our cafe by giving us her jewellery collections, so we could sell them at the cafe and use its proceeds for the Dream House project.

You can come to our cafe, have a coffee and take a look at the beautiful jewellery made by @jewelartz_handmade

Street Market - Saturday 4th of December

Isabel Cuqurella with her friend Teresa Zagaria installed a stall in a street market of Ibiza, Spain. They touched our heart as they were selling their own good condition home things in an open market in order to help raising funds for the Dream House project.

As Amin always says ‘Beautiful angels are people who make this world a better home and live for others'. We are very grateful to our two beautiful angels from Ibiza @sisacuke @interterry2001

We are because of you!

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