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Amin has decided to release his story “Bombay, Mumbai. Life is life. I am because of you” to raise money for his café. He has also sold hundreds of copies beside the traffic lights from the same streets where he had lived years ago.  


With the help of his friends, Amin also sold his books in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Paris and Malta. Libraries and selected book shops offer their help, supporting his initiative.


The book has also been translated into different languages such as: English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Deutsch, Hebrew, Marathi and Hindi.


Support Amin and buy his book online. We just finalised the 7th edition.  


Read for yourself how people react to Amin's story:


"Having read your life story… am finding it very hard to even find words to express how i feel."


"After i finished the book i can tell you “Now, i needn’t to ask myself anymore how to turn pain in love” you are teaching it in every page. With exteme sensibility, sincerety, lovely simplicity, with a big heart, a heart that is in your hand always to offer it to everybody."


"Amin!! I finished reading the book some days ago… and I simply loved… every word in every situation makes to think deeply.



Contact Amin directly (book will be posted to you):

+91 98 20 212029


Llibreria +Bernat, C/ Buenos Aires, 5




Setem, Tienda Comercio Justo
C/ Gaztambide, 50


La infinito, Café-libros-arte
C/ de los Tres Peces, 22


La Ciudad Invisible, Café-librería de viajes
C/ Costanilla de Los, Ángeles, 7

Clínica de la Asunción, 

Carretera a Izaskun, 9, 24000 Tolosa



Setem, tienda de comercio justo

C/ Mercaderes, 20


Llibreria Adserà, C/ Anselm Clave, 39


Cafeteria La libélula. Calle Victorio, 23, 30001 Murcia