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ESP: Get all the video recipes at a special price with an optimized format to save on your mobile!


East  pack contains 10 videos, the presentation of our project and the dossier with all the recipes explained step by step so that you can consult it whenever you want, or even print it  to have it handy  on  your kitchen!


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ENG:  Get our unique video-recipes from Indian cuisine !. Healthy, tasty and socially-committed, at  an exceptional price and  on an optimized format, always handy  on your mobile phone!


In this pack, you will find 10 recipes, our  project presentation, and a dossier with a step by step explanation of our recipes. You will be able to  check them any time and even print them to  keep them handy near your kitchen.


    Pack 10 recipes (mobile format)

    €50.00 Regular Price
    €40.00Sale Price
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