I opened a coffee shop with a library. In this coffee shop most of the workers, girls and boys,  come from my orphanage, Snehasadan. Because when the kids leave there, I don’t want them to go back on the street. They need a place they can call home. 

There are many children who struggle to cope with their lives. Some of them are lost and don't know what to do in their lives. In the café they receive employment, guidance and accommodation. I also work with artists and fashion designers from Snehasadan.

They display their work in my coffee shop, whether t-shirts, bags, dresses, paintings or whatever it might be. Whatever they sell will be theirs. So they can be their own bosses; they don’t need to sell their talents to someone else who’ll profitfrom them.

Sometimes I feel, there is no value for human beings in this country. If my coffee shop is successful, I will help some more of our children.​


Donate 1 € per month  ​

With our crowdsourcing initiative on the teaming website, you can help us to bring a smile on peoples' faces. Join Teaming and support us with only as little as 1 Euro a month. 


With a little help, even if it is just a kind gesture, we change the world and make it a better place to live. 

Due to govermental restrictions (we will employ street children to help him run the café), Amin cannot set up a NGO in India.


That is why, a Spanish non-profit organization, Soy Gracias a Ti (I’m because of you), was set up and aims to support Amin's project. Based in Madrid, the NGO is run by Amin's friends who believe in his cause and support him, although he is 9,500km away. 


If you believe in this dream and you want to support, you can make a donation to the

NGO bank account:


Triodos Bank - ES41 1491 0001 2021 3861 6228 


The profits obtained will be wholly addressed to Amin Sheikh’s project “Bombay to BarcelonaLibrary Café”.


Khusbhoo, one of our girls, creates her own designs and exhibits them in the café, having already sold some 30 designs. Nowadays she is working on creating her own collection of dresses and business. 

Have a look on her designs and buy a dress by visiting her new website.You can also try them in our café

Buy Amin's
song online 

The first time I was in Europe, I had met singer and composer Jeremy Plank. He said he found my story inspiring and would make a song for me. And he did: The song, Les yeux de Séraphine (Seraphine’s eyes), written by French songwriter Arnaud Kerane is available here itunes and here amazon. 
All rights are paid to solidarity project. 


T-Shirt on sale

American designer Stephane Boss has launched a line of T Shirts to support Amin's cause.


$ 5 from the purchase of the limited edition “Lion” shirts goes back to Amin and the coffee fund library project that will help street children find a job, get an education and live a normal life.