Every great dream
begins with a dreamer.  

I was five years old when I ran away from home. I just could not take the beating of my stepfather and the eight to ten hours work shifts in a tea shop. I learnt to survive on the streets of Bombay by eating out of the garbage and robbing people to survive. 


The older children at the station were terrible. They would force the smaller kids like me to do drugs and smoke. They would push it down our throats and if we protested  the lives would be thrashed out of our bodies. But the sexual abuse was the worst. By the age of eight, there was no tragedy on earth that I had not lived through.


One day when I was eight, a kind nun by the name of Sister Seraphin tried to take me to Snehasadan, an orphanage for street children. I had no idea what she was trying to do but assumed the worst. After hours of explanations, I finally relented and came to  Snehasadan. 


Snehasadan is an orphanage for homeless children but to me it was the best home I will ever have in my life. For the first time in my life, I felt cared for. 



XIC students of St. Xavier college of Mumbai, 2014


Amin Sheikh Book Bombay Barcelona Cafe
Start by doing the necessary,then the possible;
and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

I had many different jobs and I am very proud to own my travel company but my life really changed, when I had the chance to travel to Barcelona. From here on, I realized that my education is travelling. Different people, different worlds and cultures so different from India. Travelling through Europe I saw such beautiful libraries and cafés. My heart yearned to sit within them all day long.


It was then that I thought to open one such café in my own Mumbai. I am not educated. I am not good with books. But I care for people. I can cook for them. Utmost, I want to open a café where I can employ street children and provide them with a semblance of childhood:


The “Bombay to Barcelona Library Café.”

But how? I started to write my story and by selling it, I want to make my own dreams come true. It took me 11 months to write my book with no thought to grammar and spelling. But my friends proved to be my closest treasure. They rallied together to design the cover, edit, promote it.


I would stand on the streets selling copies. Once people heard about my dream to open a café, friends and strangers from all over the world come together to help me. Please become one of them.